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Fans of True Blood’s Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) have had a rough season. First, his lady love Sookie (Anna Paquin) was AWOL for more than a year in the fairy world, only to have Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) claim “ownership” of her when she returned. Then, to make matters worse, the Nordic vampire’s Lapland-cold heart thawed after witches made… Continue reading ‘True Blood’: Stephen Moyer weighs in on Bill and Sookie’s future

Hannah Montana may have made his daughter Miley a household name, but Billy Ray Cyrus says the hit show cost him his happy family life. “The damn show destroyed my family,” the mulleted one told GQ Magazine in a piece for its March issue. Sure enough, his marriage to Miley’s mom Tish was over before […] Continue reading Billy Ray Cyrus Takes Aim At “Hannah Montana” As Dr. Drew Weighs In

A defiant Wesley Snipes sat down with Larry King on Tuesday night to talk about his tax-related conviction and his three-year jail sentence that is… Continue reading Wesley Snipes Weighs Options: 'Don't Send Me Up the River, Yet'

The buzz around our MTV Video Music Awards has hit a fever pitch, with just four more days until the biggest stars in music descend on the Nokia… Continue reading Lady Gaga Vs. Eminem At VMAs: Ke$ha Weighs In