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Want to know what is coming up in season 2 of Orphan Black? So do the stars.

When EW sat down with Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris and Dylan Bruce, they told us they don’t know what’s going to happen.

“We have no clue,” Bruce says, joking that Paul may turn into a Terminator. Watch our full interview below!

What’s the Best Movie of 2013 So Far?

Antes del anochecer 05 Whats the Best Movie of 2013 So Far?

This weekend marks the end of June and with it the end of the first half of 2013. It’s hard to tell if at least half of the films of this year have been released already, so we can’t pretend we’ve reached a midpoint in that regard, but it is an annual tradition to take a pause at this time and look back on what we’ve… Continue reading What's the Best Movie of 2013 So Far?

bighero6 header Marvel Studios Countdown: Whats the Big Deal with Big Hero 6?

Before Iron Man came to theaters in 2008, there was a lot of hand-wringing about whether or not audiences would buy a ticket to see a “B-level” Marvel character in the same way that they had with Spider-Man and the X-Men. Five years later and that question has been answered with a loud “YE$ ,” an affirmative so big that I had to replace the… Continue reading Marvel Studios Countdown: What's the Big Deal with 'Big Hero 6'?

SmokeyBandit 121Pyxurz Whats Your Best Movie Memory With Your Father?

Two things hit me early on while watching Man of Steel. One was that I can’t wait to see it again with my son when he’s old enough, and the other was that I wish I could have seen it with my dad. He’s still alive, but we don’t live close enough that I imagine us seeing it together some day. At least not in the… Continue reading What's Your Best Movie Memory With Your Father?

It was supposed to be a close race. Ages ago, when Universal and Warner Bros. scheduled “Fast & Furious 6″ and “The Hangover Part III” to open against each other on Memorial Day weekend 2013, it looked like an evenly-matched competition between two franchises chasing the same demographic, testosterone-addled young adult males.

In recent weeks, however, “Fast 6″ started to look like it had the edge, that it might earn $… Continue reading Box Office: What's Behind the Woozy Debut of 'The Hangover Part III'?