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He did not do that! Jaleel White, best known for his portrayal of über-geek Steve Urkel on the 1990s sitcom Family Matters, has been cleared of domestic abuse charges.Police in Los Angeles say there is not enough evidence to charge White, 33, with punching ex-girlfriend Bridget Hardy in one of her breast implants in front of […] Continue reading Urkel Actor Jaleel White Cleared Of Attacking Baby Mama’s Implants

Betty White will guest star on Community this fall. The Hot In Cleveland darling, 88, has been cast as June Bauer, “an esteemed, albeit slightly unhinged, anthropology professor,” who will appear on the second season premiere of the NBC Thursday night comedy, The Hollywood Reporter said Wednesday. White is up for an Emmy at next month’s […] Continue reading Betty White “Community” Season Premiere Guest Appearance

Betty White is a comedy god: literally. A Warner Bros. is considering updating the 1977 side-splitter Oh, God with Emmy-winning former Golden Girl Betty White in the lead role as the Guy (Guess We Should Say Girl) Upstairs.Film producer Jerry Weintraub — who had previously lobbied for a remake of the film starring […] Continue reading Betty White “Oh, God” Movie Remake Featuring Paul Rudd

If you still consider this year to be the most successful for Betty White, Golden Girl, you’ll have to be patient enough and to wait till next 2011 year. It has become known to the press that Betty White, who appeared on TV as a host of Saturday Night Live, was called an Outstanding Guest […] Continue reading Betty White Will Donate Her Royalties in 2011

Say it ain’t so, Steve! Former child star Jaleel White, best remembered for donning a daily uniform of glasses, highwaters, and suspenders as lovable TV nerd Steve Urkel, has been largely absent from the Hollywood scene since Family Matters left the air after nine seasons in 1997. However, the soft-spoken actor found himself staring into the […] Continue reading Jaleel White, “Family Matters’” “Urkel,” Accused Of Beating Baby Mama