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Do The Urkel Dance — The most lovable TV nerd of the 1990s has a new job! Actor Jaleel White — best remembered for his hilarious portrayal of lovesick geek Steve Urkel on the sitcom Family Matters — is writing, producing, and starring in a new web series, titled Fake It Til You Make It. [...] Continue reading Urkel Jaleel White Launches Web Series “Fake It ‘Til You Make It”

Supermodel Naomi Campbell apparently cancelled a promotional event, as she had to climb stairs.
The diva backed off from appearing in an event that was to promote her perfume line because she didn”t want to walk up some stairs.
Campbell’’s former agent Carole White said in an affidavit that the model stepped out of a televised awards [...] Continue reading Naomi Campbell scraps promotional event to avoid climbing up stairs!

Vintage McCartney lifts somber White House

Forty-six years after the Beatles invaded America, Paul McCartney rocked the White House Wednesday, honored by President Barack Obama at a star-studded concert celebrating his songwriting legend. Though British Petroleum is target number one for the White House over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, British pop, in the form of Sir Paul, was more than welcome, along with a … Continue reading Vintage McCartney lifts somber White House

Sir Paul McCartney said that he might be the first guy ever to get punched by a president, after he serenaded US First Lady Michelle Obama with the lyrics “I love you, I love you, I love you”.
At a White House event honouring his contribution to music, McCartney dedicated a rendition of the Beatles” love [...] Continue reading Macca feared being punched by Obama when crooning ‘Michelle’ to Michelle

Paul McCartney’s long and winding road leads him to White House for Gershwin pop music award After all those hits along the long and winding road to fame, you’d think nothing would fluster Paul McCartney. Think again. Sir Paul has confessed he’s “slightly nervous” about Wednesday night’s concert at the White House. That’s where President … Continue reading McCartney's long, winding road goes to White House