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kiernan-shipka-wig-heather-graham-flowers-in-the-attic.jpgLook, “Flowers in the Attic” was a Lifetime movie so it probably didn’t have the highest of production budgets. But that’s no excuse for putting such cheap-looking wigs on the most flawless teenage actor around, Kiernan Shipka, who managed to act circles around her TV mother, Heather Graham.

In the movie, Graham’s Corinne slowly transforms from perky suburban mom to

Clear History should really consider the parenthetical title The HBO Movie With Larry David in an Insane Wig. That’s been the film’s main talking point — but a new minute-and-a-half trailer changes that, revealing more of the story line, a slew of famous faces and even a hairpiece-free David.

In the TV movie, the Curb Your Enthusiasm mastermind plays a marketing exec for a carmaker, and he’s not too… Continue reading ‘Clear History’ trailer: Larry David wigs out — VIDEO

Orlando Bloom Wigs Out on 'El Hormiguero'

Orlando Bloom wears a blonde wig as he makes an appearance on the popular Spanish TV show El Hormiguero on an episode airing Wednesday (March 16) in Madrid, Spain.

The 34-year-old English actor was channeling his Lord of the Rings character, Legolas!

While on the show, Orly chatted about Boss Orange and got silly with the hosts, wearing ski goggles… Continue reading Orlando Bloom Wigs Out on 'El Hormiguero'

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