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Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:

Movie Parody of the Day:

If you don’t like the flawed version of Steve Jobs seen in Steve Jobs, maybe you’ll like the (fake) biopic he (Vulture) made about himself:

Movie-themed Business of the Day:

Here’s a new bar in New York City devoted to all things Will Ferrell. The… Continue reading Today in Movie Culture: If Steve Jobs Made 'Steve Jobs,' a Will Ferrell-themed Bar and More


MacGruber: Asked about the possibility of a sequel to his beloved 2010 comedy MacGruber, Will Forte says, “It’s not a question of if but when.” He’s currently busy producing and starring in his TV sitcom The Last Man on Earth. After that wraps next February, if he has “a little bit of time,” he’d like to get together with co-writers Jorma… Continue reading Movie News: Will Forte Updates 'MacGruber' Sequel: Not If, But When

The Fast and Furious franchise has grossed more than $ 3.8 billion at the box office worldwide so far. (Go ahead and take a moment to soak that in.) The most recent installment, Furious 7, has earned more than $ 1.5 billion of that since its release in April. While those figures are mighty impressive, what’s even more impressive is that… Continue reading Looks Like 'Straight Outta Compton''s F. Gary Gray Will Direct 'Fast & Furious 8'

John Wick has one of the most delightfully simple premises for an action movie in recent memory. A former assassin’s dog is killed, so he tracks down every single person even remotely responsible and demolishes them.

Granted, it’s a bit more emotionally complex than that since the dog was a gift from his recently deceased wife, and it’s a bit more logistically… Continue reading Keanu Reeves Teases What 'John Wick 2' Will Be About

Not every movie about space exploration gets to use NASA logos. As a government agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has the right to refuse representation on screen if they consider that representation a negative portrayal. Inaccuracies galore are okay, such as in the case of Armageddon, but apparently showing an astronaut murder another astronaut can get a movie like Red Planet denied. 

NASA… Continue reading Watch: These NASA Videos Will Answer All Your Questions About 'The Martian'