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For “Titanic” fanatics, reliving the biggest cry-fest of your adolescence was kind of a dream come true. But when the film rolled out 14 years later — and in stunning 3D — something was a little off.

Hardly anyone blinked when the 1997 juggernaut raked in another chunk of change. What was new, however, was Kate Winslet, the film’s heroine, sharing her very candid, eye-rolling, vomit inducing-feelings the second time around.

So… Continue reading James Cameron On Kate Winslet's 'Titanic' Comments: 'Get Over It'

Kate Winslet's St. John Ad - FIRST LOOK!

Check out Kate Winslet in St. John’s Fall 2011 ad campaign!

The 35-year-old actress shot the pics at a retro Jersey City movie theatre wearing the brand’s dresses, which show off her famous figure.

“They want to keep it looking like me and not have it look like me pretending to be a model wearing these clothes,” Kate said… Continue reading Kate Winslet's St. John Ad - FIRST LOOK!

Kate Winslet1Kate Winslet invited ‘Blue Valentine’ star Michelle Williams on a private dinner, where the ‘Titanic’ star revealed her love for Williams. “From a distance, I feel as though I”ve actually been having a secret love affair with Michelle,” the New York Post quoted Winslet as she introduced the movie. “She and I are quite intimate […] Continue reading Kate Winslet”s ‘secret love’ for Michelle Williams