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The Secret Circle: Witch Bling (PHOTO RECAP)

If I were a teenage witch and found myself mixed up in the events of “Medallion” I’d start boning up on my SAT prep and looking seriously into colleges. Has Chance Harbor ever felt MORE like a moribund small town worth escaping from? It’s just a bunch of people who can barely tolerate each other sitting around waiting for things to happen to them. Don’t worry, kids, there’s a bigger… Continue reading The Secret Circle: Witch Bling (PHOTO RECAP)

First Look at Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

December 2, 2011

Entertainment Weekly has a first look at Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton as Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. Coming to theaters on March 2nd, the film also stars Famke Janssen, Peter Stormare and Derek Mears.

The movie takes place 15 years after the siblings’ incident at the gingerbread house. Arterton explains: “You see a series of flashbacks with their experience of killing that first witch

The Good Witch

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Catherine Bell (Army Wives) stars as Cassie, a bewitching woman who moves into a mysterious mansion in a small town.  Soon, she opens Bell, Book & Candle, a curiosity shop full of candles, lotions, etc., and is enthralling the children of the local Police Chief (Chris Potter), who believes that she is… Continue reading The Good Witch


 Lovely Molly TIFF Review: Blair Witch Co Director Eduardo Sanchez Plays With and Evolves From the Style He Popularized

The opening of Eduardo Sanchez’s hopeful comeback, Lovely Molly, seems to be a nod to The Blair Witch Project, the smash breakthrough that he co-wrote and directed with Daniel Myrick more than a decade ago. The title character (Gretchen Lodge) videotapes herself in close-up, weeping hysterically about something having gone terribly wrong, which was beyond her control. She’s not in the woods… Continue reading 'Lovely Molly' TIFF Review: 'Blair Witch' Co-Director Eduardo Sanchez Plays With and Evolves From the Style He Popularized

Review in a Hurry: Stalled horror concepts have been known to reboot with sequels set in space, often with success (Hellraiser: Bloodline, Jason X). Apollo 18 isn’t officially Blair Witch in Space, but it comes close enough to make us remember what we liked about the whole notion… Continue reading Movie Review: Apollo 18 Is Like Blair Witch in Space, but in a Good Way!