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2 Years for Woman Charged With Slashing DiCaprio

A woman who pleaded no contest to slashing Leonardo DiCaprio’s face with a glass at a house party five years ago was sentenced to two years in … Continue reading 2 Years for Woman Charged With Slashing DiCaprio

Angelina Jolie rediscovers her inner woman

The Tourist is the movie where Angelina Jolie rediscovers her inner woman.. . She has rarely looked more elegant and feminine than she does in the … Continue reading Angelina Jolie rediscovers her inner woman

When you’re Pretty Woman Julia Roberts, a smile and wink is worth a million bucks… Or in this case two million. The Eat, Pray, Love Oscar winner is the talk of the blogosphere this week after she pocketed $1.5 million to appear in a non-speaking role in a new 45-second commercial promo for Italian coffee [...] Continue reading Julia Roberts Lavazza Commercial — “Pretty Woman” Pockets $1.5 Million For Non-Speaking Role In Italian Coffee Ad

Charlie Sheen filed suit Monday against the woman who was found locked in the bathroom of his Manhattan hotel suite last month, hours after she … Continue reading Sheen Sues Woman in Hotel Incident for Extortion

The Gossip Wire was atwitter this Hump Day as Eva Longoria-Parker filed for divorce from husband Tony Parker, ending the couple’s three year marriage after a humiliating cheating scandal. Now we’re getting our first look at the woman who helped tear the couple apart. According to an Access Hollywood source, The Other Woman/aka Mistress/aka Sideline [...] Continue reading Tony Parker Erin Barry Affair? Is Brent Barry Wife The Other Woman In Longoria Divorce?