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Mum’s the word? Likely not for broke Blagojevich

Rod Blagojevich surely hopes talk is anything but cheap. . Faced with a campaign war chest that’s empty of the $2.7 million it held before his … Continue reading Mum's the word? Likely not for broke Blagojevich

Dad’s the Word

For Aryan and Suhana, dad must be the word, since they are blessed with such a doting father. According to the King Khan, busy parents should dedicate more time to parenting, since childhood is a very crucial period of the process of growing up. SRK himself is very conscious about making up to his kids [...] Continue reading Dad’s the Word

‘Sex And The City 2’ star Kim Cattrall has revealed that she was so delighted with the script of the movie that she sent director Michael Patrick King a foul-mouthed text message.
According to Sky News Australia, Cattrall, 53, revealed that she was so thrilled that she used the ‘F’ word to describe her elation.
“I read [...] Continue reading Kim Cattrall’s ‘F’ word text to ‘SATC’ director over delight with script

Ur7792 260x195 Sopranos creator David Chase is back...with his first feature film (VIDEO)

Word is David Chase, the man behind the legendary 'Sopranos,' is preparing his feature film debut with a rock and roll drama set in the 1960s. (But what about that rumored return of Tony S. as a movie? Don't be so quick to fuggedaboudit!)