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Christina Aguilera’s comeback album, Bionic — which cost millions of dollars to produce and promote — has only shifted a total of 200,000 units in five weeks of release, sending bosses at her RCA recording label into “rescue mode,” a new tabloid scoop claims.Despite debuting at the top of the charts, the LP made history […] Continue reading Christina Aguilera Flop Leaves RCA Worried

American singer Katy Perry’s parents are so worried about her wedding to English comedian Russell Brand that they are praying for her. The ‘I Kissed A Girl’ hitmaker said that she is ‘worlds apart’ from her mum and dad who are pastors in America. “They’ll be shuddering at the thought of their daughter entering into […] Continue reading Perry’s parents worried about ‘trouser-dropping’ fiance Brand

Sarah Jessica Parker is not sure about audiences reaction to the upcoming ‘Sex And The City’ movie sequel.
The actress is worried that fans wont like the film much.
She plays writer Carrie Bradshaw in the series and also acts as executive producer on the film, which is set to hit cinemas around the world later this […] Continue reading Sarah Jessica Parker worried fans won”t like upcoming SATC movie