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But how can that be?! ‘Super 8′ isn’t based off a comic book. Article FAIL!

You’re right, ‘Super 8′ has nothing in common with a comic book. In ‘Super 8,’ lovable outcast Joe Lamb (Joel Courteney) is caught up in an amazing adventure where an other-worldly threat descends upon his neighborhood; armed with his wits and a few limited resources, he fights to save the life of the girl of his… Continue reading Why 'Super 8' is The Best Comic Book Movie of the Year

the artist 584ed5827da492d6 The Year in Film: The 10 Most Overrated Films Of 2011

“Overrated” is something of a dirty word. But while most dirty words are drifting further and further away from their original meanings (or from having any meaning at all), “overrated” seems to be slowly coming into focus. I mean, when in the history of our species have things been more obsessively rated? The Romans only had two scores: Thumbs up you live

20111206 christmas slide P1T6 articleLarge A Christmas Story: The Musical to Hit Broadway Next Year?

Top image courtesy of the New York Times

It’s one of those films your entire family knows by heart — a quintessential Christmas movie that’s become so infused with the holiday it warrants its own 24-hour marathon on TV each year. A Christmas Story is comfortable and cozy, like a warm cup of hot chocolate on a super-cold day. Because many of us began watching it at… Continue reading 'A Christmas Story: The Musical' to Hit Broadway Next Year?

Hollywood corporations are people too, you know, just like other corporations. They feel lethargic and bloated after Thanksgiving like everyone else. They need a break. That’s why there are no new wide releases this weekend — nor do there need to be any, since there are still plenty of good films from the last few weeks that you haven’t seen. AREN’T THERE? Look within your soul. AREN’T THERE?? That’s what… Continue reading One Year Ago: Catching Up with 'The Warrior's Way,' 'Black Swan,' and More

attacktheblock mv 21 2011: A Chronological Breakdown of the Worst Horror Movie Year of All Time

2011 has been one rotten year for horror films, and I for one am not happy about it!


Season of the Witch — Nicolas Cage swinging a sword. Not the best way to start the year.

The Rite — Someone out there is still making movies inspired by The Exorcist. It’s 2011, by the way.


The Roommate — Someone out there is still making movies inspired by Fatal Attraction… Continue reading 2011: A Chronological Breakdown of the Worst Horror Movie Year of All Time