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Britney Spears” parents Jamie and Lynne have reportedly reunited eight years after their divorce. When her parents parted ways after 30 years of marriage, Britney described it as “the best thing that”s ever happened to my family,” reports the Daily Mail. “My mom and dad, bottom line, do not get along. When I was a […] Continue reading Britney’s parents reconcile 8 years after divorce

It seems Emma Watson plans to keep herself busy post ‘Harry Potter’. The relatively tiny city of Providence, RI, is a place where Watson a.k.a Hermione Granger has decided to spend her four years. The 20-year-old is currently plowing through her sophomore year at Providence’s Brown University, an Ivy League school, where she’s taking courses […] Continue reading Emma Watson to spend 4 years in Providence’s Brown University

Gay singer Ricky Martin has revealed that before accepting his homosexuality he enjoyed numerous affairs with women. Writing candidly about his private life in his book ”Me”, Martin claimed he spent years as a rampant womaniser as he denied his true feelings. “I spent a couple years (in the late 1990s) acting like the typical […] Continue reading I spent a couple of years acting like a total ladies” man, says Ricky Martin

Take that, Beliebers! Taylor Swift’s new album had the biggest opening week of any LP released within the last five years. The country-pop star sold 1,047,000 copies of her third album, Speak Now, last week. The album netted the largest sales week for an album since rapper 50 Cent’s sophomore set The Massacre debuted at […] Continue reading Taylor Swift “Speak Now” Album Sells 1 Million Copies In First Week; Biggest Album Debut In Five Years

Well, this is nothing to “Smile” about. British pop singer Lily Allen has suffered a miscarriage, more than three months after confirming her pregnancy. The 25-year-old star previously had a miscarriage when she was dating Chemical Brothers star Ed Simons in 2008. That relationship ended a short time later. In July, “The Fear” hitmaker revealed […] Continue reading Lily Allen Miscarriage: “Smile” Singer Loses Second Baby In Two Years