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Teen comedies have a reputation for being lousy. That’s probably due to the large number of them that are lousy. So when one rises above the mediocrity, teens notice it, adults notice it, and before you can put the “duh” in “dumb,” you’ve got yourself a cult favorite. 

That’s what happened late in the summer of 2000, when Bring It On hit theaters and we all gladly joined the… Continue reading You're Old: 'Bring It On' Came Put 15 Years Ago

It’s been two decades since cinema’s most famous police lineup sent viewers down a twisty rabbit hole in pursuit of someone named “Keyser Soze,” and movies have never been the same. Yes, The Usual Suspects was released 20 years ago this week, and if you remember seeing it in theaters in 1995, brace yourself for a surprise twist: You’re Old®.

Though it was released near the… Continue reading You're Old: 'The Usual Suspects' Came Out 20 Years Ago

It’s been three decades since a certain bow-tied man-child danced to “Tequila,” fought a fat kid in a pool-sized bathtub, and inquired about the Alamo’s basement. If Pee-wee’s Big Adventure were a person, it would now be way too old to be acting like that (though still not as old as Paul Reubens was when he filmed it). And yes

There was plenty of drama brewing on Monday’s edition of the Real Housewives of Orange County, as the ladies continued their Tahitian getaway.

While Vicki Gunvalson comes after Meghan King Edmonds over her decision not to work, the girls put Vicki in the spotlight regarding boyfriend Brooks‘ choice to stop his chemo treatments.

“I don’t know much about cancer,” Tamra Judge says in confessional. “But stopping chemo when you’re… Continue reading The Claws Are Out! Vicki Gunvalson Slams Meghan Edmonds As A Fake Mother –– You’re A Stepmom, Not A Mom!

During an Oscars night that was mostly fueled by politics — from Patricia Arquette’s moving female-equality speech to Common’s powerful “Glory” acceptance speech to Citizenfour winning Best Documentary — it was The Lego Movie‘s silent protest that may have stolen the show.

The Lego Movie wasn’t nominated in the Best Animated Feature category (see all of the night’s winners here), and so when… Continue reading The Best Oscars Fun Fact (If You're a Batman Fan)