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Things could’ve been very different for Jake Gyllenhaal. In 2003, the 31-year-old star was rumored to be taking over for Tobey Maguire in “Spider-Man 2,” and was again up for a superhero role in 2005, as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. In the end, those two things never came to fruition, as the actor instead went on to star as a muscled-out U.S. marine in Sam Mendes’s “Jarhead,” a far… Continue reading Jake Gyllenhaal On 'End Of Watch,' Police Ride-Alongs, 'Zodiac' And Not Being Batman

Your Zodiac sign may have changed Astrology is a bunch of crap, but a lot of people either A) believe in it or B) think it’s amusing so today’s report that the Zodiac signs we all thought we were born on have changed was big news. The original Zodiac signs originated over 3000 years ago […] Continue reading New Zodiac Signs For 2011