There are five picks that can help restore order to users’ accounts. Due to ManageTwitter one can sort your Twitter contacts according to their inactiveness, i.e. those who tweets more than five times a day as well as users who tweet less than once a day.

Tweepi’s “Cleanup” provides you with five options to organize the people you are talking to on Twitter. Again one can sort all your contacts according to activeness, how frequently they retweet others, the number of they engage in discussions as well as their follower-to-following ratio.
As for TweetSpinner, it enables you a number of functionality. It is equipped with Direct Message inbox tool that looks for as well as archives messages that are older than seven days and it is also able to search your inbox for spam.
Twerp Scan is useful when managing your followers and also the contact you are following. It can provide a report detailing for each contact, i.e. information about the amount of followers they have, also how many people they’re following, their number of tweets as well as the date of their last tweet.

UnTweeps is regarded as a basic tool and it provides you with three options: you are able to see the people you follow who haven’t updated their status in 30 days, one can generate a list of followers that is based on their days of inactivity; one can also view that accounts that were blocked by you.

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