Brandi Glanville has been railing against LeAnn Rimes ever since her husband left her for the country singer, but in a new twist she finally has one up on her rival – her own popularity has soared so much that she now has thousands more Twitter followers.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and the Spitfire singer are bitter enemies now that Eddie Cibrian, 40, traded in his wife for his young mistress, but the backlash against Rimes has only seemingly increased Glanville’s fan base.

Rimes, 31, held steady over 500,000 followers for the past few months according to, but Glanville’s followers surged at the end of February, giving her an edge over her children’s step mother.

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While Glanville, 41, now has 555,553 followers as of March 21 per, Rimes only has 537,942 followers, a different of almost 20,000 fans.

The women have infamously battled with each other over the years, and their fans have even gotten into the arguments, but numbers don’t lie.

As radio detection and ranging previously reported, both women have seen suspicious increases in their Twitter numbers, leading to speculation that they’re buying followers but if that’s the case then Rimes has some catching up to do.

PHOTOS: Fraud, Feuds & Fights — 27 Reality Stars Who Are Out Of Control

Do you follow Glanville, Rimes, both or neither? Tell us in comments.

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