You probably haven’t heard of Tarzan and Arab, identical twin brothers from Gaza who, until recently, had never done what you likely do on a regular basis: go to the movies. There are no cinemas in the Hamas-controlled Gaza, something that makes the twins’s story that much more amazing. Tarzan and Arab — real names: Ahmed and Mohamed Abu Nasser — are aspiring filmmakers who have already won awards for their short film. “As artists we are restricted by living in a conservative and tough community,” said Arab to the Guardian UK in August. “Let’s be realistic. Our life is under siege, under control. People don’t have time for art. They spend all their time looking for crumbs. They say, ‘What use is art? Art will not give you bread.'”

Perhaps not, but it certainly gives you the power to express yourself — an important trait in an oppressive society. Tarzan and Arab’s short film, ‘Colourful Journey,’ won first prize at a competition in the West Bank city of Ramallah; the film was also shown at the Mosaic Rooms in London in March.

Now, Tim League and the Alamo Drafthouse are looking to fund a feature-length version of ‘Colourful Journey.’ League brought the twins to Austin, Texas, for their first visit to a movie theater back in October, and will executive produce the new project. (The film they chose to see? Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Cries and Whispers,’ an all-time fave of the brothers.) Right now, Tarzan and Arab have acquired $ 5,000 of their $ 20,000 goal through Kickstarter, with just about one month remaining in the pledge drive. As the page says, “If ever there were filmmakers who deserved the community support of Kickstarter, the twin brothers from Gaza who are determined to create despite seemingly insurmountable odds would be at the top of that list.”

You can head over to Kickstarter for more on the film. For more information on Tarzan and Arab, check out their profile in the Guardian. Watch Tarzan and Arab at the Alamo Drafthouse in a brand-new video below.

Translators: Emilie Zuniga & Reed Fry
Video credit: Arts & Labor & Scott Zuniga

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