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Taylor Armstrong, chatting with Dr. Drew on his HLN show Thursday, says she feels like a “scared little girl” in the fallout of her abusive marriage with her late husband Russell (and other hardships she’s faced in life), and we’ve got the clip for you right here on radio detection and

Taylor — who’s promoting the memoir she penned following Russell’s suicide last summer — told Dr. Drew she’s been abused her whole life and is emotionally struggling these days as a result.

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“I’m trying not to cry just all the time these days,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star said. “I feel like I cry on everything that I do.”

In response, Dr. Drew told Taylor, “I see a scared little girl: Would that describe it?”

Taylor agreed, adding, “I get scared all the time — but I don’t have that option right now.”

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Dr. Drew asked her, “Does she have a name? The little girl? It feels like this little girl has a different name.”

Taylor agreed, saying her birth name is Shana. (Taylor, 41, was born Shana Hughes in Oklahoma.)

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“So the little girl is Shana and Taylor is who we put in the world,” said Dr. Drew. “That’s quite a disconnect … You have to hook Shana and Taylor up. It’s all you. You can’t compartmentalize like that …

“It’s not really helping.”

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Dr. Drew pointed out that some of Taylor’s fellow Real Housewives have also been abusive to her at times, and that she should show them her vulnerable side as well, so they can better understand where she is coming from.

“People see the surface and that’s what they’re going after. People get resentful when you don’t give them access to your real person,” he explained to her. “You have a pattern of putting yourself in abusive situations and this is no different — this is another one.”

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Taylor’s memoir, Hiding from Reality: My Story of Love, Loss, and Finding the Courage Within, is in stores now.

The revealing interview airs on Dr. Drew, Thursday night at 9/8c on HLN.


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