Taylor, sit’cho ass down!

Taylor Momsen — perhaps best known for playing Cindy Lou Whoo in the 2000 holiday hit The Grinch – flashed the mosquito bites she calls boobies during a recent concert with her band The Pretty Reckless. The incident was taped and is now available online in a censored video.

Did we mention that Young Taylor is just 17?

(Don’t worry, no kiddie porn here. Hollywood Life has censored the shot of Taylor’s pasties….)

Here are the deets: Momsen was performing with her band at Don Hill’s in New York City Thursday night as part of a free concert hosted by Paper Magazine when, all of a sudden, she decided that she was going to flash the audience during one of the songs. Momsen is known for being controversial. Correction: She’s known for trying to be controversial. In an interview with the November issue of Revolver Magazine — which features a lingerie-clad and gun-totin’ Momsen on the cover, mind you — the teen trollop talks about masturbation and vibrators and how she’s an avid chain-smoker.

When she’s not campaigning for the title of “Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare,” Taylor plays Upper East Side baddie Jenny “Lil J” Humphrey on The CW primetime drama Gossip Girl. The network has “No Comment” on Taylor’s latest publicity stunt.

Shocking. We know.

We got five bucks that says she’s a year and an unplanned pregnancy away from her first stint in rehab.

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