Taylor Swift was really surprised and even excited when the country singer learned that Lady Gaga said that she loves to sing the song of Taylor, such as “You Belong with Me.”

It turned out that Swift is considered to be a huge fan of Lady Gaga and such new made absolutely her day.

It was revealed during an interview with Gaga that she starts singing the song when the song is streamed on the radio. When she hears it, the singer becomes so embarrassed. Also Gaga praised the country singer saying that Swift is a great songwriter.

Also Gaga said that it is a great song. She described the song as very whimsical.

After heard a lot of pleasant words, Swift said that she is a huge fan of Lady Gaga, when she heard all those good words, they made her smile. She appreciated that.
Actually, both singers perform in different genres, but despite this Swift admires the music as well as style of Lady Gaga. When Swift saw Gaga for the first time on MTV, she thought that her music might be daring. The first music she downloaded was “Just Dance.”

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