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Kelsey and Kayte Grammer shocked people when they took their infant daughter Faith to a wild Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion but according to Kim and Kyle Richards the most shocking thing was Kayte’s choice of costume – she dressed up like Kelsey’s ex Camille Grammer!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars went on Access Hollywood Live Wednesday morning and dished on their insider knowledge of Kayte’s costume, confirming what many thought but what the actor’s rep had denied.

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When Billy Bush asked if it was true that Kayte Walsh Grammer dressed as Camille, Kyle answered “That’s what I heard.”

Kim said they weren’t at the party, but they “had friends that were there.”

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Kayte was wearing a black lacy dress and a long blonde wig and Kyle described the rest of her outfit as “with a bandage across her nose.”

Firmly on Team Camille, Kyle slammed Kayte’s Halloween costume choice, saying “I mean, have a little pride.”

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There is no love lost between Kelsey and his ex, whom she described as going on a “Negativity Tour 2012.”

Kelsey’s explanation of their night out was that his wife was dressed like a witch.

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“Kayte is breast-feeding and we do not have a nanny or a trusted baby-sitter at this time, so Faith goes everywhere with us. We enjoyed the party with a few of our friends, the baby slept as her ears were covered the entire time and we left shortly after midnight. Kayte dressed as a witch (her hat was missing as she had removed it because her wig was itching and it was hot) — I threw together an uninspired Dracula. We enjoyed the evening. We love our child. Kayte is my wife and lady love (who is 31 and goes by the name Kayte Grammer, by the way, not Walsh). The world is round. All our eyes are blue. Happy Halloween and Cock-a-doodle-doo!”

Do you think Katye went as Camille or a witch for Halloween?


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