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A beautiful teenage boy has told his heartbreaking story with note cards just days before tragically passing away Christmas day.

Ben Breedlove has left his grieving family, but although he is gone he will never be forgotten, leaving behind a two part video message about his life long struggle with the chronic illness that eventually took him.

In the first part of the video, set to Gary JulesMad World, the 18-year-old is seen smiling as he holds up his first card: “Hello, I’m Ben Breedlove”  followed by: “All my life I’ve had a heart condition.”

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The Texan from Austin goes on to share that he suffers from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a deteriorating condition that causes a thickening of the heart muscle, leading to cardiac arrest.

“As I grew older, I learned more that it is dangerous,” he says on another card. “It has scared me a lot, and I hate that feeling.”

“I was never allowed to play all the sports that my friends did,” he continues. “It kinda sucks that I missed out on that part of my life.”

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And, just like any regular teen he admits: “I really just hoped that I could be the same as everyone else.”

But, he goes on to show that was never possible, detailing the terrifying ordeals he suffered as a young child: “The first time I cheated death was when I was four.

“I had a life threatening seizure. Scary right?”

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Ben shares his many hospital visits, near death experiences and operations, at one point pulling down his shirt to show his large scar from when he had a pacemaker inserted in 2009. “I was scared to die, but am SO glad that I didn’t,” he bravely shares.

In the second video, Ben looks much more somber as he goes on to reveal: “About two weeks ago, December 6, 2011.

“Was the third time I cheated DEATH.

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“I was at school, walking in the hall.”

“I could tell I was going to faint, so I sat on a bench”

“I passed out.”

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“The next thing I know, I woke up with EMS around me.”

“I couldn’t talk or move, I could only watch what they were doing.”

“They put the shock pads on my chest.”

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“I heard one of them say ‘They are ready’.”

“And the other guy said ‘Go!'”

“I passed out again.”

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“My heart stopped and I wasn’t breathing for 3 MINUTES.”

“I really thought to myself. This is it. I’m dying.”

Ben goes on to explain his near death experience — a white room, and a feeling of familiar comfort from his previous near death experience at age 4.

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He goes on to share that he was dressed in a white suit, alongside his favorite rapper, Kid Cudi.

“The first thing I thought was Damn, we look GOOD!” He says. “I then looked at myself in the mirror.

“I was proud of MYSELF, of my entire life, everything I have done.

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“It was the BEST feeling.

“I wish I NEVER woke up.”

And finally: “Do you believe in angels or God?

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“I do.”

According to the Austin American-Statesman, Ben’s family discovered the videos hours after he died at home, December 25, from heart failure.

“It was a gift to us,” Diane Breedlove, Ben’s mother, told the paper, “And for him to be so confident and unafraid of death and to share it with other people was so touching.”

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You can watch the heartbreaking videos here on radio detection and

Rest in peace Ben Breedlove.


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