One can test drive a platform preview of Internet Explorer 9 which is offered with a number of IE9’s capabilities. According to Microsoft, the browser will be able to provide speedy performance and users will be enabled with much-improved support for Web standards.

The strongest side of the browser is HTML5, due to which IE9 will be able to move beyond resource hogging browser plug-ins, such as the ubiquitous Adobe Flash to show multimedia content online.

The Preview is regarded as a way used for Web developers in order they could test their sites and also they will be able to understand the way to implement HTML5’s capabilities. It is also planned by the company to offer a new Preview version every 8 weeks.

One should mention that the Platform Preview is not regarded as a fully-functional browser. It lacks a back button as well as address bar. But still some of its features can or cannot be presented in the releasing version of IE9, everything depends on feedback from Platform Preview testers.

The company launched several technology demos that showcase IE9’s improved handling of JavaScript, capabilities of HTML5 as well as its back-up for hardware-accelerated graphics.

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