Not everyone has the time or patience to watch all 12 hours of Oscar programming. If you were one of those people who tuned in right as the ceremony was starting and skipped every commercial break to check in on the NBA All-Star game score, then you most likely missed some of Oscar’s other best moments, most notably Sacha Baron Cohen’s appearance as his Dictator character (which almost didn’t happen until it randomly happened for reasons we’re quite unsure of), as well as some of the night’s more enticing commercials, including two spots directed by Wes Anderson.

We’ve rounded some of these up for you below.

Sacha Baron Cohen walks the Oscars red carpet as his character from The Dictator

Wes Anderson-directed Hyundai ad # 1

Wes Anderson-directed Hyundai ad # 2

Diet Coke’s Oscar commercial

Samsung’s Smart TV awards night commercial

Ellen Degeneres’ JCP commercials


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