According to reports of KITV Honolulu, a car which is registered to Kanye West crashed in Diamond Head neighborhood. The accident happened on Saturday morning.

It turned out that the Porsche Panamera was trying to make a right turn, but failed to do that and crashed.
According to the police reports, an auto theft report was filed. Moreover, there were witnesses, according to which three men were seen when leaving the place of the accident.

Chris Cooper, a local resident, said that he saw when the car impaled in the garage. It was a tremendous crash. It looked like a small building was coming down.

Reportedly, Kanye West has been renting a Diamond Head home since December as the singer is recording his fourth album in Hawaii.

Also it turned out that the rapper is not in the island.
Last month some details about his album “Power” leaked.
As for the official date release of the album, it is not yet announced. But according to Billboard, it will come under the title of “Good Ass Job.”

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