Joey Fatone and Kelly, his wife, share their everyday family routine with the press. We know that their second daughter called Kloey Alexandra was born in January this year. As the star couple confesses when their tot appeared in their home, a sense of real déjà vu was felt by both the spouses.

33-year-old Joey says that midnight feedings, diapers and the stuff like that started again. They haven’t done it for nine years.

The Fatones came to the decision not to hire a nanny but to take care of their 5-month-old toddler in turns. Kelly sighs that she wouldn’t say that it is so easy, but they simply do what they are supposed to do as parents of a newly born kid. It is amazing for her that they still remember how things should be done.

Her husband adds that in his opinion it is genuinely cool to have a baby in the house. He helps Kelly as much as he can because he realizes that it is too tough to spend 24/7 with a baby and a break is needed by everyone. So, on Friday night, he lets his wife go out with the girls and sits with Kloey Alexandra the whole evening himself.

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