We’ve been keeping tabs on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 all weekend to see how it was holding up at the box office. Early estimates put the film on pace to top The Dark Knight’s opening weekend of $ 158 million — and perhaps come close to passing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 for best opening weekend of all time — though when all was said and done, the first part of this two-part Twilight finale settled for fifth place on the all-time opening weekend charts, churning out an outstanding $ 139.5 million, falling just barely below New Moon ($ 142 million). So, for now, the top three remain Deathly Hallows: Part 2, The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 3, with New Moon and Breaking Dawn, Part 1 rounding out the top five. We’ll have to wait till next November 16th to see if Breaking Dawn, Part 2 can squeeze its way into a better position.

Some other interesting stats from opening weekend:

— The audience were 80% female, with a surprising 60% over 21-years-old. The previous Twilight film saw only 65% of its audience comprised of women.

— 51.6% of the film’s weekend gross came from Friday alone, including its midnight tally of $ 30.25 million.

Breaking Dawn took in more money worldwide ($ 144 million) than it did stateside, bringing its complete total to $ 283 million.

Other Box Office Stats

— Opening Day Gross (3rd All Time)

— Single Day Gross (3rd All Time)

— Single Day Friday Gross (3rd All Time)

— Top 3-Day Grosses (5th All Time)

— Fastest to $ 100 Million (4th All Time)

— Opening Weekend Adjusted – November (2nd All Time)

— Opening Weekends Adjusted (8th All Time)

— Rated PG-13 Opening Weekends Adjusted (7th All Time)

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[All figures courtesy of Box Office Mojo]

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