The members of Rolling Stones, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger along with Don Was who is their recent producer had a discussion on the band’s 1972 album and the re-release’s that were never previously heard of. It was in the early 1970’s that Rolling Stones came out with their album “Exile on Main St”.

This album was a great hit and millions of copies were sold worldwide.

The band is now planning for a reissue with all those stuffs that have been never given out to the outside world. A documentary titled, “Stones in Exile” is being also planned for a simultaneous release.

At the time of making “Exile”, the band members had already moved from England to the South of France. This was to avoid high income tax bills that should have been paid if they stayed on in England.

At that time England had tax rates up to 90% for those with their greatest income. In the year 2003, Rolling Stones published their all time 500 hits and “Exile” came in the seventh position.

But some critics like Robert Christgau consider “Exile” as the greatest output of the band.

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