Well, what do you know — The Real Housewives wannabes who had no qualms about crashing the president’s party aren’t quite as gung-ho about opening their home to uninvited guests.

A reporter with The Washington Examiner was slapped with a legal notice after she stopped by Tareq and Michaele Salahi’s Virginia home — unannounced –in hopes of landing an interview last Sunday.

Yeas & Nays reporter Tara Palmeri says she left repeated messages for the couple but after no receiving no answer decided to visit their Culpepper home. Once there, she left a note and took pictures of a door plaque that alerts potential crashers that they are being video and audio recorded.

The sign reads: “Please ring this doorbell and face surveillance cameras for our files. Legal Notice: No Trespassing, No Paparazzi & No Solicitors! Press/Media & Fans: Unless you have been invited — Please do not disturb this private residence except those with appointments confirmed in writing with their agent. Thank you for respecting their privacy. By standing here and reading this, you have agreed to have your picture or film used with audio, in any forum including Television in perpetuity world wide and may be used against you if necessary, in any court of law world wide.”

According to Palmeri, just days later she received an email from the Salahi’s “security service” asking her if she had trespassed on their property. After she responded, she received a second email branding her “unstable.” How rude! The email also warned the reporter that she “knowingly violated the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia” and that her reporting is a violation of several “Codes of Virginia.”

We wonder how many “codes” The Salahis violated by inviting themselves to The Obamas’ State Dinner? Talk about people in glass mansions!

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