Providing the perfect counterprogramming to this summer’s big, loud blockbusters, here comes The Way, Way Back, a delicious little gem born out of this year’s Sundance Film Festival that’s about finding confidence in yourself while spending a summer hanging out with a bunch of troublemakers at a waterpark.

Featuring outstanding (and hilarious) performances from a great ensemble cast (Sam Rockwell and Allison Janney being the standouts), The Way, Way Back continues this year’s trend of fantastic coming-of-age movies with its story of a young, shy kid who travels to his mother’s boyfriend’s beach house for a summer of dysfunctional fun with a group of people who teach him that it’s okay to come out of your shell without changing who you are.

When you’re growing up, the summer season is all about exploration, meeting new people and taking the sort of risks that help shape the rest of your life. The Way, Way Back celebrates this big time, and there’s really no way you won’t enjoy watching this one. It’s a great summer crowd-pleaser that’s cute, comfortable, funny, poignant and just plain makes you feel good.

Before it hits theaters on July 5, check out some of these exclusive images (along with the previously-released trailer) below.

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