Akira Project

While Hollywood continues to sort out whether it’ll ever produce a live-action adaptation of the beloved anime film Akira, fans can at least take solace in this fan-made recreation of the feature, which is probably as close as anyone will ever get to capturing the animated film with real actors.

The first trailer for The Akira Project is out, and given the level of quality we suspect it’s going to make a lot of its Indiegogo investors very happy. Director-producer Nguyen-Ahn Nguyen has done a really impressive job recreating the look and feel of Katsuhiro Otomo’s film. Hopefully Hollywood see this and takes notes – keep the movie in Neo Tokyo and have Asian actors play the characters instead of trying to reinvent the whole thing with popular American (or British) actors.

If you love the original film, you’ll definitely want to check out this trailer. These guys should just make a full-length live action version and save us from what would probably be a disappointing Hollywood version. What do you think?

[via io9]

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