It turned out that Rachel Uchitel reckoned with Tiger Woods for more than $10 million.

One could hear a lot of reports concerning Rachel’s settlement on the brink of holding a Gloria Allred-style news conference for around $2 – 5 million.

According to TMZ, Tiger Woods was so worried about the depth as well as detail of information from Alleged Mistress #1 that they were clapped like a cheap suit and a huge sum in the amount of $10 million was offered in order the whole information could be kept confidentially.

It was revealed that the amount depended on future circumstances and the sum could fluctuate $1 million either way. But final line of the sum is $10 mil.

It turned out that several mistresses got several hundred thousand dollars while others did not receive anything. This fact as well as the volume of the sum only prove that Rachel does known a lot about Tiger.

Many considered that Rachel’s settlement could become a precursor to what Elin Nordenger could receive in case she could manage to stopple her marriage to Tiger. According to reports, Elin could get $300 million. But still they say that the settlement of Rachel will cost Tiger cheaper than $20 mil.

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