Despite reports that superproducer/rapper Timbaland (real name Timothy Mobley) attempted suicide on Tuesday, officials with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department say the were commissioned only to help locate the missing husband and father, who disappered in a funk on Tuesday after learning that a Jacob & Co. timepiece with an estimated value of $2 million had been stolen from his Los Angeles home….possibly by a trusted pal.

Reports of the alleged suicide attempt were further exacerbated early Wednesday morning, when radio/TV personality Ryan Seacrest told listeners of his LA radio morning show — “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” — that he heard Timbaland had tried to take his own life.

Ryan later Tweeted: “Got word my friend timbaland attempted suicide. I am hearing now that is not true that [he] is ok!!”

It’s true — Tim’s concerned family did call the police, but cops tell The Insider that reports of a manhunt for the “Say Something” hitmaker are “significantly overblown” and a helicopter was used to locate the music star because it was already in the Malibu area, where Timbaland was eventually found — safe — in his Cadillac Escalade.

Tim called into Ryan’s show this morning, alive and well, to refute the suicide report (CLICK HERE For AUDIO….):

On waking up this morning to the news:
“I dont know what happened to be honest with you. I don’t even know what people are talking about.”

On the reported theft of one of his watches by a close friend:
“[The theft] did happen, [but] it wasn’t a watch, it was something else.”

On the police report’s “possible suicide attempt:”
“The only thing that I did was take a drive to figure out how I was going to handle [the theft].”

On why people thought he may have been suicidal:
“I wasn’t talking, so I guess people got worried. I tell people if my mom ain’t calling, or my brother or my best friend, then ain’t nothing to worry about.”

Los Angeles PD officials are currently investigating the theft of Tim’s watch.

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