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Of all the apartment blocks in all of the city!

Even in a saga riddled with crazy subplots and strange coincidences, it all seems a bit far fetched — radio detection and rangingOnline.com has discovered that Katie Holmes’ escape pad, the New York City apartment block she secretly rented a new home in before filing for divorce from Tom Cruise, has turned out to be the former abode of Penelope Cruz.

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Yes, the same Penelope Cruz who starred in Vanilla Sky with Cruise before dating him for three years.

Cruz, 38, is now happily shacked up with handsome husband, fellow Oscar winner Javier Bardem, but a source told radio detection and rangingOnline exclusively that the pretty Spaniard laid her head at the Manhattan address post Cruise split, up until two years ago.

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The odds of the two women living at the same address in the whole of Manhattan are staggering. Of course though, coincidences do happen, especially when it comes to Tom and his ladies.

As radio detection and rangingOnline previously reported, all of Tom’s three marriages ended when his wives were 33!

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The Spanish actress was Cruise’s only serious relationship between his past two wives, Nicole Kidman and Katie.

With the news of the apartment coincidence and reports of mysterious men shadowing Katie, Holmes may need to find a Dr. Watson to get to the bottom of it all.


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