At the beginning of this week the CW network made and announcement that the upcoming season of “Smallvile” would be its last. This is the tenth season of “Smallville” which was a hit among the television audiences. There are some hints that the last season would be focused around Darkseid.

“Smallvile” fame Tom Welling in a recent interview to MTV news said that he wish to see Clark Kent taking on Lex (Luthor) in the last season. Welling says that he likes to see Michael and Lex Luthor back in the show which would make it more interesting.

The actor is of the opinion that the relationship between these two was the reason why Clark became superman.

The first hints of Lex Luthor’s survival were showed in the “Justice Society” episode by Geoff Johns. However, Rosenbaum has stated it very clearly that he would not be coming back to “Smallvile” to portray his character. In the interview Welling also spoke his chances of wearing the Superman’s costume in the last season of the show. Welling says that he is not sure whether he would be wearing the costume in the show or not.

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