This week, Eva Longoria filed a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court to end her three year married to San Antonio Spurs hoopster Tony Parker after unearthing text messages romantically-linking the Frenchman to the soon-to-be ex-wife of his former Spurs teammate Brent Barry.

A source close to the now estranged couple tells PEOPLE Magazine that Tony never had a physical relationship with Erin Barry. In fact, insiders close to The Parkers believe the mountains of suggestive messages that have left Eva “devastated” were nothing more than innocent flirtation.

FYI: Erin is facing a divorce of her own with Brent, who played with Tony on the Spurs between 2004-2008. He is now an NBA TV analyst.

“They knew each other, sent each other messages. It was flirtatious, but he never did anything with her.”

That’s not the story Eva’s telling good pal and Extra TV host Mario Lopez. The Desperate Housewives bombshell says not only did Parker score in Erin’s court, he also cheated on her with another he met earlier in the couple’s marriage. Eva uncovered that betrayal after hacking into Tony’s personal Facebook account.

Longoria, who had a friendship with Erin, reportedly discovered the racy text messages, which numbered in the “hundreds” and confronted both parties. According to reports, Tony fessed up to the emotional affair, but Erin denied any wrongdoing.

Sports Illustrated insider Bryan Armen Graham was the first to report of the Erin Connection late Wednesday.

“Have it on good authority from entertainment sources that ‘former teammate’ in Tony Parker-Eva Longoria affair is Brent Barry,” he Tweeted. “Don’t have much else on Parker/Longoria affair. Source did mention Barry and wife are going through a divorce.”

Longoria, who cited irreconcilable differences in Wednesday’s divorce filing, is seeking spousal support. Parker has not commented on the divorce or any of Longoria’s claims.

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