It has become known that Amanda Bynes made the following decision: never to appear on big screen in her life.

On her personal page on Twitter the 24-year-old actress declared that she is going to quit acting, namely to “retire” from it at such a young age.

She revealed her soul to the readers that it is not so fun to be an actress. She firmly adds that if she doesn’t love something anymore, she will never do it again. So, she stopped loving acting till the end of her life that is why she has ceased to do it.

Amanda Bynes agrees that 24 years are a too young age for retirement but she confirms her decision one more time.

Critics admit that this actress hasn’t been a movie star starting from the flick Hairspray released in 2007.  So, it is not surprising as, according to Amanda, she has never written those TV shows and films she has participated in. She did everything that directors and producers or characters wanted her to act.

She left one more note on Twitter last Tuesday that she is a real fan of Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe.

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