While the Roy Lee production, Abduction, starring Taylor Lautner — emphasis on the word abs — hits theaters today, another Lee film is already in the works. The producer is remaking TIFF favorite, the French thriller Sleepless Night — about a cop who steals a mountain of cocaine from a gangster and has to race against the clock to recover his son from the thug — into an English-language version (look for our review later today). 
According to THR, Warner Bros. and Lee set their sights on the movie before it even finished its festival run. More than ever, studios seem to be on the prowl for anything buzz-worthy and ripe for a franchise, and Frederic Jardin’s French actioner was no exception. Lauranne Bourrachot and Marco Cherqui will be serving as executive producers on the project — they worked on the original film — with no word of a director yet. 

Lee’s remake success with films like The Departed inspires confidence, and hopefully bodes well for the artistically choreographed thriller. Are you closing your eyes and ears to the news of Hollywood grinding another one through the remake machine, or does an Americanized Sleepless Night intrigue you?

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