Welcome back to the most epic internet battle since Kitten War, TV.com’s Throwdown! The last edition was a monster, and you all turned out in record numbers to voice your opinions on Fringe and Lost. This week, we’re tackling a broader topic, but one that has needed an answer for some time.

Moving pictures have long been thought of as the gold standard for Hollywood storytelling. In the ’70s, your parents didn’t long to head West to be on television, they wanted to be in movies. Until this millennium, actors saw television as a stepping stone toward becoming a big-time movie star. But that’s changed recently, and now television is close to seeing eye-to-eye with its snootier, bigger, chiseled-chinnier brother. Movie stars are flocking to the steady paychecks of television, strong cable outings are proving every bit as engrossing as blockbusters, and television obsession is at an all-time high.

With TV and film practically peers, their biggest nights—the Emmys and the Academy Awards, respectively—are now peers too, right? That’s for you to decide. The 84th Annual Academy Awards are right around the corner, so we ask you:

What’s the Better Awards Show, the Oscars or the Emmys?

There are a lot of different ways to go about this one, guys. Sure, we’re TV.com and there’s an automatic bias toward television. But the Oscars are the Oscars! The grandest night in entertainment! Let’s take a gander at the pros and cons of both:

The Emmys

Television’s big night has always lived in the shadow of the Oscars. Though it’s always been considered the pinnacle of TV-related awards shows, it’s never enjoyed the same kind of distance from its nearest competitor as the Academy Awards. But the calendar is in the Emmys’ favor. While the Oscars are the highlight of awards season proper (January and February), the Emmys have the summer almost all to themselves.

Pros: Television’s biggest event; scheduled during a part of the year when it can hog the limelight; not as stuffy as the Oscars and the nominees appear more relatable; better spread of categories (comedies! dramas! reality TV!); television is more important than movies!

Cons: Doesn’t have the same pageantry as the Oscars; due to the nature of television, repeat winners and candidates can make the awards feel stale; would George Clooney ever show up for the Emmys?

The Academy Awards

Who DOESN’T love the Academy Awards? Besides the Golden Globes, of course. The Oscars ceremony is Hollywood’s annual town ball, the party of all parties! Or is it just a parade of stuck-up, gown-wearing superpeople who are there because they played a role in a movie you never saw?

Pros: The most elite party in the world; the actual award is the most prestigious trophy ever in the history of the universe and is rumored to have magical powers; you only have to invest about two hours to familiarize yourself with any particular nominee.

Cons: Most of the people there are in a completely different universe than you’ll ever know; too much crying; you didn’t see that three-and-a-half-hour drama about genocide in Rwanda or that stirring portrait of a woman coming of age in London circa 1850; who cares about Original Song/Editing/Cinematography?; movies just aren’t as good as TV anymore.

So which is it? Are you an Oscars type of person, or an Emmys fan? Or do you think both awards shows can go suck an egg? Let’s hear it in the comments section below!

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