Is it just us, or was this week the best week of TV ever? Oh, it was just us? Well, you have to admit it was at least pretty good. Top 100 for sure. Here’s what we thought was good and bad on the tube this week.


President Obama sends Betty White a birthday message

That Romney dude would have made her do 90 tequila shots.

Raylan Givens’ tablecloth trick on Justified

Not only will Kentucky’s handsomest Marshal out-sexy you, he’ll outfox you, too. Here’s a tip for all of Harlan County’s dregs: if you have a clear shot on Raylan, take it. Now is not the time for games.

Virgin America announces that Philly will be its next destination…

…with a little help from It’s Always Sunny‘s mascot

The Secret Circle nails the flashback

The little-sister show of flashback-heavy The Vampire Diaries finally took the plunge into backflash territory this week and absolutely nailed it. In what was certainly one of the series’ best episodes yet, we learned a ton of important backstory, and a so-far discussed-but-unseen character got a thoroughly badass introduction.

Jack’s response to Liz’s new boyfriend on 30 Rock

We especially loved the scene where he appeared “inside her head” and went through Criss’s wallet, but it’s not on YouTube and we know how much some of ya’ll hate Hulu…

The Big Bang Theory‘s 100th episode

In all it was a pretty normal episode, but we loved how Penny and Leonard likened their rekindled romance to software: “We’ll test it out internally, and if it works, we’ll release it to the public.”

William Macy and Felicity Huffman’s musical Golden Globes intro

This charming two-part harmony from the second-coolest couple in the room (Brad and Angelina are always number one) was sweet, funny, and most importantly, short. Loved it, love them.

Charlize Theron’s guest-judge appearance on Top Chef

Not only was the theme pretty awesome (gothic cuisine!), but everything tastes better when one of Hollywood’s hottest starlets is at the table. It helps that Charlize herself gave great critiques, was funny, and just seems like a cool person to be around.

Angry Boys gets emotional

While the first five episodes of Chris Lilley’s ambitious HBO mockumentary series may have relied a little too heavily on scatalogical humor, Episode 6 took each of his three plotlines into heavier territory, including a heartbreaking scene where Gran finally got her troubled, mute, inmate to speak out loud. Lilley’s ability to make us care for his cartoonish characters truly sets him apart from other wig-clad performers.


Jeopardy! saying this guy was wrong

Next thing you know, the Jeopardy! trivia writers will say a Rusty Trombone is just an old instrument and a Chili Dog is merely a hot dog covered in beans.

Mark Wahlberg’s terrorists on a plane comments

M2M3YzFlNiZvZj*w TV.coms Swell o vision vs. Hell o vision (January 21)

Well, we all knew he had an ego the size of a Calvin Klein billboard poster, but is the kid who used to rap in his tighty-whiteys really in a position to say he would have gone Air Force One on the bad guys? Maybe if it was Harrison Ford, we’d believe him.

The Bachelor goes skiing in San Francisco

Ben took his stable of hos skiing in the Hilly City, much to the horror of its residents. And wouldn’t you know it, the ladies just happened to be wearing bikinis. They landed hard, they messed up traffic, and they probably got sunburnt. And they had to do it sober!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Kim Richards showed up to the premiere in her own private hell of pills, lip gloss, and a pregnancy scare

(Although seriously, what is she, 98? She looks like a photograph of a hard-bitten woman fleeing the Dust Bowl + a Miss Piggy wig.)

The Office‘s pool party episode

What it lacked in literal shark-jumping it more than made up for in Brian Baumgartner’s hairy back.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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