Jack Tweed’’s rape victim is said to have “looked like she had seen a ghost” after the alleged attack, revealed a friend of hers.

Snaresbrook Crown Court was told that Jade Goody’’s widower Tweed, 22, and Anthony Davis, 26, had raped the 19-year-old at the reality star’’s Essex bachelor pad on September 4 last year.

The girl’’s 20-year-old council worker friend told the court on April 15 that she had “banged on the door” to try to save the victim from being attacked.

“I tried to get in the room by opening the door. They were not letting my friend out. The door was being held by someone,” the Daily Star quoted the friend as saying.

“I started banging on the door because I wanted to go home and by that point I was starting to worry. I don”t know who came out first.

“I just remember she came out. She was just blank, like she had seen a ghost. She had no expression, no emotion,” she stated.

The friend, who was 19 at the time, told the jury that before they left Davis threatened the victim saying he would “slap her” if she did not talk to him.

“When she first got in the car she said: ”If someone tries to have sex with you and you say no, is that allowed?”” the friend, who cannot be named, said.

“She said she was in the room with Jack and she was just kissing him at first and then he held both of her arms up and started to put his fingers inside her.

“She said she just shut her eyes and froze,” she added.

She also revealed that she took the “crying” girl straight to a police station.

But Ronald Jaffa, who is defending Tweed, suggested that the victim was fine when she left the room.

“I suggest to you that when she came out of the bedroom at first she was not shaking. But it was when the girls discovered there was two men in there that she got upset,” he stated.

To which the friend replied: “Not at all.”

The trial continues.

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