Two and a Half Men – The Complete Third Season

TWO AND A HALF MEN:COMP THIRD SEASON – DVD MovieIn the third season of Two and a Half Men, the usually sensible Alan (Jon Cryer) ends up dating someone young enough to be his daughter, as well as a senior citizen old enough to be his mother. His playboy brother Charlie (Charlie Sheen) dates a woman who worships Satan, and also strikes up a relationship with a proper ballet dancer who refuses to sleep with him (but does ask him to donate some sperm). And Alan’s 11-year-old son Jake (Angus T. Jones), who has just started dating, proves to be the most mature member of the oddball household. All 24 episodes of the series, which originally aired during the 2005-2006 television season, are included in this concise four-disc set. There are some surprises this season, including a death and a wedding (not on the same day). There are also plenty of vulgar moments; for instance, Jake not only learns about booty calls, but he also finds out the about why some men use Viagra. With guest stars rangi

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List Price: $ 44.98

Price: $ 21.86

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