‘Two and a Half Men’s’ Amber Tamblyn ‘fascinated with

amber-tamblyn-two-and-a-half-men-cbs-newscom-325.jpgAs Jenny on “Two and a Half Men,” Amber Tamblyn is brash and rash. She’s the daughter no one knew Charlie had.

Coming into the CBS Thursday comedy in its 11th season was easier than one might imagine.

“What if I just realized for the first time that Jon Cryer was physically abusive and Ashton Kutcher refused to speak to me and had his entire trailer moved?” Tamblyn asks Zap2it. “They are the two sweetest guys in the whole world. They are so kind and supportive, and so is Conchata Ferrell. She is so funny. I feel like Jenny will become Berta when she grows up.

“I’ll help anyone drink,” she says of her character. “I will support anyone’s alcoholism or drug addiction, I don’t care. Holland Taylor is so extraordinary.”

She likens this to joining “House” during its long run, but working on a comedy is easier.

In her spare time, Tamblyn writes poetry and recently sold her third volume of poems.

“It is about the lives of child star actresses who were very famous in their teens and younger, and then grew up to be unknown and died,” Tamblyn says. “It’s about women like Brittany Murphy, Dana Plato and Bridgette Andersen.

“I was really fascinated with Brittany Murphy’s death and the subsequent treatment of that post-mortem, and how we, as a culture, mourn people, and the everyday struggle of women in any industry. Not all of them are super sad. Some are those who choose to party their way on out. Those are fun, playful poems to write.”

Tamblyn, a newlywed, has films booked and goals that reach well beyond show business.

“I eventually hope to make it to the moon,” she says. “Why not? Let’s put it on the bucket list. I think everyone should metaphorically and literally reach that high.”

Birth date: May 14, 1983

Parents: Dad is actor Russ Tamblyn; mom is singer and artist Bonnie Tamblyn.

Husband: Actor David Cross

Credits: “General Hospital,” “Joan of Arcadia,” “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” “The Ring,” “The Unusuals,” “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret” “Portlandia,” “House”

Pet: Ollie, a rescue dog

Learning from the folks: “When I was a kid and he would do back flips and we would go down to the beach together,” she says of her dad. “My mom is a guitar player and has a band, and she is phenomenal, and my dad and I will dance together.”

Favorite movies: “I am a big fan of Guy Maddin. Guy Maddin is my husband’s favorite director. ‘Careful’ is pretty mind-blowing, and (I’m) a fan of the French film ‘Betty Blue.’ I am a big ‘The Big Lebowski’ fan. I am all across the board. I love old Buster Keaton films.”

Favorite books: ” ‘Smilla’s Sense of Snow’ (by Peter Hoeg), a thriller about a young girl who investigates a murder, comes home to a murder and it sort of unfolds, and she gets sucked into this crazy experience. Anything by Charles Portis. Janet Fitch wrote ‘Paint It Black’ after ‘White Oleander.’ I developed [‘Paint It Black’] into a screenplay and have been working on it for six years.”

Favorite music: “Blood Orange, (Dev Hynes), a producer who worked with Solange. Yo La Tengo. I am a huge fan of Kurt Vile, Kendrick Lamar.

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