Two Olympic UFOs Confirmed? 2012 HD “UPDATED”

This puts to rest the theory that the Olympic UFO was the Goodyear blimp, apart from the fact that the Blimp was indeed grounded during the opening ceremony, no anti-collision lights or strobes are visible on the unknown object. The second object, which at first I believed was a helicopter, does not have anti-collision lights or flashing strobes either, this proves the object is unidentified also. So now we have two confirmed UFOs at the opening of the London Olympics. (UFO or Unidentified Flying Object, does not necessarily mean Extraterrestrial in origin, it just means the object is unidentified). Could this be a test run for a possible false flag using black-op, back engineered craft, or possibly bluebeam tech. One thing is for sure, they will be back, so keep watching. Trevor Cardington who is an expert in filming blimps, voices his opinion of the alleged Olympic UFO….. “I have seen many airships over the years and as i see it, it does move like an airship. look at some of my other clips there are a few with an airship pulling some moves, people sometimes just see them droning over sports events, however when the pilots let their hair down they can pull some very interesting tight moves. The ship has had its name removed so there is a blue oval on the side of the ship where the name was, just like the blue hue to the out of focus image. The anti collision strobe lights however, well not sure on that one, may have been so out of focus that they didnt show or they
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