It’s the question worth a billion bucks: Did Mark Zuckerberg steal the idea for the world’s leading social networking website,

Two former college classmates of the Harvard dropout insists the $4 billion empire that landed Zuckerberg a guest spot on The Simpsons, a nod as one of TIME Magazine’s Most Influential People, and arguably a turn as the Most Powerful Man on the Web is rightfully theirs because the socially-awkward computer geek stole the concept for Facebook for them back in 2004.

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Identical twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss appeared on The TODAY Show Monday, where they told correspondent Matt Lauer that they presented their idea for ConnectU, a social networking site for college students, to Zuckerberg — who was a well-known computer programmer around the Harvard campus six years ago. Instead of helping them, The Winklevoss Twins charge that Zuckerberg bamboozle them, snatching their idea and business model for the blueprint to what would become

Their account of betrayal will play out Hollywood-style in the big screen blockbuster The Social Network, opening in theaters next month.

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