One’s good mood will be ruined after meeting a younger present girlfriend of one’s ex.

The situation will become even worse if this current girlfriend is a popular American actress.

This article is about Elle Macpherson.

The 47-year-old mother of two children is still considered to be a beauty of the world class and is known as The Body in modeling business. The star experienced the abovementioned situation without all consequential negative emotions when she unexpectedly spotted another star – Uma Thurman.

The 40-year-old star of Kill Bill is known to be the current fiancée of 47-year-old Arpad Busson who is Elle’s ex-partner, daddy of their two sons and millionaire financier.

Elle was reportedly prepared to meet her enemy in Hyde Park during her kid’s sports day. She paid a great deal of attention to her outfit.

She looked gorgeous in her flirty skirt, off the shoulder sundress with her loose long locks reaching her shoulders.

What concerns her accessories, her image was greatly completed with fashionable sunglasses and gold sandals.

The former model was confidently smiling radiating happiness around her.

The couple split up in 2005 after spending nine years together. After that, Elle Macpherson focused on developing her lingerie business which turned out to be extremely successful.

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