Fangs: The biggest craze to hit the dental scene since the Gold Tooth Pandemic of the 1980s!

From clothing line to an international obsession with Robert Pattinson, the blockbuster Twilight Saga has inspired a bevy of fads that have captivated its devoted legion of followers since the first film took a bite out of theaters in 2008.

Now the Team Edward/Team Jacob debate is changing the way American teens view their dentist.

Believed to be inspired by the vampire-themed films, some teenagers are sinking their teeth into vampire mythology with the help of cosmetic dentistry. Houston is buzzing over the number of young Twi-Hards having Dracula-style fangs installed by cosmetic dentists, who charge as much as 200 smacks for “vampire-related services,”

Taylor Wilkins, a 16-year-old high school junior and Team Edward devotee, had his fangs installed at the midtown Houston office of Floss Dental. During the procedure, which was supervised by reporters from FOX News’ Houston affiliate, Dr. Clint Herzog applied tooth-colored resin to Wilkins’ canines then shaped the composite into gently sloped fangs.

“It’s similar to the material that we use to bond braces on the teeth. So it can be put on and taken off very easily with no damage to the teeth,” the doc explains.

The dentist, who operates five offices in Texas, says vampire veneers are in demand, especially in suburbia.

“In the areas where we have a lot of people that follow Twilight, yeah, we get a lot of calls.”

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