It is interesting to analyze how Victoria Beckham dictates what is fashionable and what is not in hairstyles. We still remember that the star cut her long hair that she had during her participation in extra-popular pop band Spice Girls, and appeared in public in an absolutely new image: with a cool bob which was chin length. That chick hairstyle immediately became extremely fashionable only because that Spice Girl had it done. Even such top stars as Eva Longoria Parker and Katie Holmes enthusiastically followed her hairstyle example. Victoria Beckham’s fans were a little bit surprised when the trendsetting diva established a new trend in hairstyles and appeared with gamine crop, a really chick one, two years later. In such a way Victoria inspired even more celebrities to have the same super-short hairstyle. And this time the star is going to change fashionable trends again! A picture of hers was taken by paparazzi during her weekend fitness where she is with extended hair and looks quite new. Victoria Beckham was snapped with her songs Cruz and Brooklyn on the way to Cannes. Victoria was as glamorous as usual in her eye-catching yellow dress, extra-size shades and her new hairstyle.

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