Sweden is currently in the centre of royal wedding preparations and the country’s yellow and blue flags decorate Stockholm’s streets.

Despite the fact that this historic event concerns the royal family, Crown Princess Victoria with her beloved fiancé Daniel Westling show to everybody that they are like ordinary human beings who are going to marry: they are so happy, love each other so much and are looking forward to their wedding day.

An official pre-wedding ship party took place on Wednesday where such high honourable guests as Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustaf were present.

The ship Gotheburg where that occasion was held was a reconstruction of a vessel dated by the 18th century. When the 32-year-old princess was walking up the gangplank the interested audience was able to notice that she was radiating happiness: her eyes were shining and her smile was more than ever charming.

The dinner was really superb and consisted of 25 different dishes cooked by gourmet chefs. The participants were entertained by the Götheborg Opera artists.

It is top secret which dress will be on the bride during the wedding ceremony. But it has been officially announced that there will be ten page boys and ten bridesmaids primarily from European royal families.

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