U.K. animation team Jens & Anna reveal what Santa and his team get up to after the holidays. If you thought Saint Nick settled into his icy abode for a long winter’s nap, you thought wrong. It turns out that the jolly old man enjoys wearing different costumes (he’s always wanted a tail, so the frog getup is his favorite), sneaking booze into his coffee cup, and visiting his local house of domination so he can be bound, suspended and whipped with candy canes.

Your average Christmas tree rehydrates those prickly needles by going diving, and the leftover presents kvetch at the local beauty salon. So basically, everyone is tired and weary and trying to piece together their sanity like most of America after the holiday. The cute short comforts us in that we’re not the only ones who bang the hell out of someone else’s car while squeezing into tight and coveted parking spaces in the city (Santa’s sleigh slays the cars around him), or feel totally zombified after taming the beast that can be Christmas.

So… happy New Year?

Tis the Season from Jens & Anna on Vimeo.



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